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Maximize Revenue Growth
See all decision making information in a single pane of glass.

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Say goodbye to countless reports and dashboards.
Transform your sales reporting with our single-screen view designed to drive efficient pipeline management and improved data integrity — leading to a forecast you can trust.

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For Sales Reps
Reps are paid to win, not sift through data. So give them a no-nonsense, quota-centric view designed for how they think. Boost data integrity and accountability where it matters most.

For Sales Leaders
Give leadership a real-time view of the funnel to manage proactively and hold reps to task. Improve pipeline health and forecast accuracy by exposing issues today, before it’s too late.

For Sales Ops
From day one, FunnelSource gives immediate insights into the many challenges facing sales organizations. Say goodbye to multiple dashboards, endless reports, and static Excel files.

Features & Benefits
Single-Screen Interface
See your sales funnel come to life in one screen that replaces countless dashboards, reports, and Excel files. Get everyone’s eyes on the same page to improve communication and accountability.

Quota Management
An intuitive quota engine lets you mass-assign multiple targets to reps by opportunity type, vertical, product, and more. Your opportunities live in Salesforce — shouldn’t your quotas?

Flexible Forecasting
Accurate forecasting without the spreadsheets. Able to handle the complexity of multiple products or revenue streams. Quickly drill into managers and reps to assess the accuracy of their numbers.

Pipeline Change
See pipeline changes over any time period. Identify trends and uncover risks so you can take action now to avoid end-of-quarter surprises.

Custom Metrics
Customer-specific metrics support unique reporting requirements and sales processes. Give visual guidance to shorten sales cycles and increases win rates.

Seamless Salesforce Integration
FunnelSource is a 100% native Salesforce app that fits right into your existing workflow. We don’t batch or data-warehouse. Go live in hours, not days or weeks.