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Analytics everywhere. For everyone.

BI platform to bring analytics to 100s of teams, partners and customers. More cost-efficient, fully customizable, easily controllable.

GoodData – powerful analytics that goes beyond your organization


Embed analytics in your product or service and empower every user with data – all without involving IT or other expert help.

E-commerce partners

Help partners use your customer platform efficiently – customer, buyer, and many more insights at their fingertips.

Franchises and subsidiaries

Give every user in your franchises and subsidiaries enhanced visibility and decision power.


Turn every employee into an expert that makes reliable, better decisions in everyday business moments.

All you need for successful analytics… and then some
Embedded in any app or workflow

Insights at the point of work boost efficiency and business performance—users work with data right then and there.

Real-time insights

Every decision is based on real time insights and recommendations, not obsolete data.

BI analytics in the cloud

Less IT headaches with no installation or infrastructure to manage, analytics built for the cloud.

Flexible and fast time to value

Whether you build on your own or choose a full-service package, expect your first version up and running in weeks.