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What is Granify?
Stop playing catch-up with your shoppers.

Our machine-learning decision engine predicts which in-session buyers you may lose, then converts them.

Predicting which visitors are buyers has been impossible

We’re thinking about e-commerce optimization for the future. Our machine-learning decision engine predicts which high-value in-session buyers you are at risk of losing, then converts them.

You need a partner as invested in your success as you are

We only get paid in incremental revenue gains for your business. Tell us about your business, and we’ll calculate how much extra revenue Granify will earn you!

Do you feel like your AI-driven infrastructure is years away?
Advancements in AI and machine learning move at lightning speed.

Granify processes over $400MM in transactions monthly through our decision engine. Our in-session behavior monitoring can act in real time on conversion opportunities. Invest in today and tomorrow.