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GraphyStories is a Content Discovery and Social Media monitoring tool for Publishers, Brands and Agencies.
Content Discovery

Curate the most Engaging Stories

The tool curates the Google Trends and 120 Million posts published by 20 000 international websites and social media accounts.

For each single piece of content that is published, the tool requests the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn platforms to collect in real time the total number of likes, shares, comments & reactions.

Thanks to a predictive algorithm, GraphyStories delivers the content about to become popular to community managers, journalists and chief editors.

Social Media Monitoring

Monitor Your Competitors Sites & Pages.

GraphyStories monitors the social media performance of all the Web Articles and Facebook posts from the leading media publishers, brands and influencers.

It also offers market reports to allow content marketing professionals compare with each other and set realistic targets in terms of frequency of publication and average number of interactions per post.