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Referral program software for tech companies
GrowSurf automates customer acquisition at the lowest possible cost for B2C and B2B tech companies.

Shore up your marketing with an undeniable source of quality, affordable leads with a referral program
Keeping customer acquisition costs low is stressful
You want to grow quickly and capitalize on increased awareness and demand. But the channels available to you are expensive and feel out of your control.

Get consistent growth from an ever-expanding user base
Build a referral program that you own—one that’s totally independent of rising ad costs or other external factors. GrowSurf customers report that referral marketing represents their lowest cost channel, while gaining more and more revenue share due to its built-in virality.

Designed for tech companies that want a modern plug-and-play referral solution

B2B SaaS (Self-Service)
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B2B SaaS (Enterprise)
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B2C Subscriptions
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Financial Services
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Online Education
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Online Insurance
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Meet the referral tracking software designed to be simple from setup through rewards

Automatic link generator
Grow faster with a referral system that automatically creates a link for each user, so they don’t have to sign up in order to start sharing

Copy and paste to install
Embed snippets of code into your web-based app, website, and emails to inspire instant sharing

Fast setup time
Say goodbye to weeks-long setup times, and get your entire referral marketing system up and running in a day

Transparent pricing
Built to be a self-service SaaS product, GrowSurf passes on the savings to you with simple, no-fluff pricing (no sales calls required)

Automated reward fulfillment
Set up automated gift cards in just a few clicks, or connect to Zapier to automate all other rewards. Or review and award gifts manually.

Fully whitelabeled
For your customers, your referral program will look exactly as if you had built it from scratch to match your brand

View how GrowSurf works
GrowSurf can be fully implemented in a few days or less. Many GrowSurf customers get up and running within a day.

Automate your referral program from end to end

Use our direct third-party integrations, Zapier integration, or REST API to connect with your CRM, email marketing system, or other important tools. Approve rewards automatically as soon as the criteria is filled, or award the incentives manually.