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Organize company information. Access it anywhere.
Guru is a company wiki that works in your workflow, so the information you need to do your job is always at your fingertips.

A wiki that works for you
Just a few of the things that Guru can do…

A verified Guru Card and a verification modal
Share critical product information
Guru’s Verification Workflow and Browser Extension ensure employees always have access to the information they need to confidently do their jobs.

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Better, faster onboarding
Automate onboarding. Give new employees a single place to find all the company knowledge they need to thrive, while you lower your costs of administrative support.

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Streamline internal communications
Knowledge Alerts keep teams current on real-time releases, updates, and more by bringing information to employees and letting you know they’ve seen it.

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End meeting and chat fatigue
Missing a meeting or a DM doesn’t mean missing critical information. Give your team some time back by capturing and organizing everything they need to know in Guru.

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Stop searching for info, end repeat questions
Guru doesn’t just organize your information—it delivers what you need, when you need it, right where you’re already working.

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Work better together—anywhere, anytime
Guru’s Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations make it easy for teams across your company to stay aligned, whenever and wherever they’re working.

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