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Beautiful dashboards to visualise your data real time
Cut through the clutter, interpret the numbers and get things done.

Create beautiful dashboards
HappyMetrix let’s you create stunning online data dashboards with all your key metrics in one place simply by adding a couple of easy-to-use data widgets.

You can connect with a number of essential platforms like Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Twitter, Facebook, and add pictures or text as you like.

A dashboard in HappyMetrix is made out of a collection of data widgets. Those widgets are like small tiles that visualise a specific metric. All widgets can be dragged around and re-positioned to your liking, and have at least a number of basic configuration options such as color, type of visualisation or date range.

Share your data
Want to monitor your key metrics all day? Presentation mode makes all your dashboards pop out on a larger display. Having a live dashboard up on the wall at the office is a great way to stay on top of your business. In presentation mode your live dashboards refresh automatically.

Many combinations
Create up to 10 personal beautiful dasboards with up to 16 tiles per dashboard. Change colors and swith between light or dark background to your liking.