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Building blocks for creating great communities

A powerful online community platform, Hivebrite provides top organizations with all the tools they need to build, manage, and engage their community.

Define the sign-up mode you want
You hold full control over how users join and login to your community.
Choose whether your network is open to anyone or invite-only. Choose whether users log in with an email, a social network, or an SSO. With Hivebrite, you can define everything.

Adapt your members’ profiles to your needs
Your community is unique, which means your users’ profiles are unique too.
Use the standard profile fields or create your own custom ones. Decide what information is required and when your users should complete it. Customize how profiles are organized in your platform. Craft the perfect user profile for your community easily and directly, right from your back-office.

Easily manage membership rights
Sometimes not all your users should have the same access to your platform.
Allow different users groups, like students and alumni, to have different access rights to your community. Or offer greater privileges to paying members. Hivebrite empowers you to manage the entire user experience like a pro, from the granular to the global.