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One source of truth, synchronized everywhere.
Hull collects, unifies and enriches your product, marketing and sales data and synchronizes it to all of your tools. When your data is unified and aligned, your teams are too.

Unify first, second, and third party data sources to build a complete customer profile.

Clean, transform, and sync data across applications to keep teams aligned.

Create unique, personalized experiences with data that is timely, contextual, and relevant to your buyers.

Powerful enough for the enterprise, but built for the mid-market
At Hull, we want go-to-market teams of all sizes to realize the benefits of a customer data platform. But investing in one can be a lot to take on for a smaller organization. We built our platform to be robust enough for the enterprise,

The Hull difference
Hull’s unique customer data platform unifies your data across your stack, unlike other solutions that simply create one-to-one integrations from one application to another. Hull gives marketers more visibility, control, and flexibility over their customer data so they can effectively execute on their ABM and demand generation initiatives. Our real-time, 2-way synchronization capabilities allow the data in your tools to stay up-to-date so your teams remain aligned.ut with the features and price point that make sense for the mid-market.