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Mapping the global economy, daily.

Huq’s high-frequency mobile location data records real-world consumer behaviour with unique accuracy. Our proprietary methodology, built to deliver the highest possible measurement quality, makes Huq the most reliable source of mobile location data available.

Geo location data products built for quality outputs

We collect and process mobile location data to meet the specific needs of customers in Finance and Real-estate. Our location data serves as a proxy for footfall in retail and workplaces by clients for whom accuracy is critical. Measure anything, anytime, anywhere.

What is mobile location data?

Mobile location data, geo-data or geo-location data as it is sometimes known, is positioning data sourced from a mobile device. In its most basic form this location data is provided with a timestamp and a device identifier. Huq’s location data goes far beyond that to bring you the world’s most reliable mobile location data asset for research.

High-frequency economic indicators

Instant access to 35+ marco-economic indications covering consumer, REITs and industrials globally.

Find answers to urgent questions, fast

Begin analysing Huq’s mobile location datasets in minutes with data pre-loaded into a dedicated Google BigQuery instance.

Build models, products and applications

Access event-level, first-party mobile location data to train models using 73 attributes and over 5 years of history.