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Why Personalized Video?
Video campaign performance
80% higher conversion
68% higher retention

Personal data
6x conversion
19% sales uplift

Personalized Video
Power of personalized video
8x conversion
5x engagement

Personalized Video merges data and video to deliver exceptional experiences that wow customers and produce higher and more measurable ROI.
It’s customer engagement, done right.


Leveraging customer and contextual data — and even Living Data that updates in real time — our Personalized Videos are always relevant to the viewer. That’s why our campaigns achieve video completion rates of 76%.


With personalization, video is both relevant and actionable, boosting conversions by up to 8x. Personalized marketing videos include targeted CTAs so users can click to buy or sign up right from the video.

Cultivate Relationships

Customers care about brands who care about them. A video personalized uniquely for that individual creates an emotional connection that boosts loyalty for the long term, reducing churn by up to 38%.


Personalize videos in cinematic quality to dazzle your audience. Even better, personalized interactive video offers clickable elements and in-player customization, letting your viewer take charge of the story.

Why Idomoo?

Performance at Scale
Create millions of Personalized Videos in up to 100x real time. Our technology revolutionizes video generation, unlocking dynamic customer experiences that drive engagement and conversions.

Cinematic Quality
Only Idomoo delivers an immersive personalized experience in cinematic quality. Dynamic elements, from text to video-in-video and more, appear native to the video. No overlays, no workarounds.

Ease of Use
Let us handle the details, or use our self-serve platform with its intuitive interface, automation tools, and robust integrations and APIs. Launch campaigns in days, not months, and track results in our analytics dashboard.

Enterprise-Grade Security
We’re ISO-27001 information security certified and regularly work with leaders in finance and healthcare, meeting the most stringent security demands. Your data is anonymized, masked and protected.

Living Video Functionalities
Evergreen and evolving, Living Video evolves over time based on data, context and viewer actions. Upgrade your videos with interactivity, Living Data feeds and even user customization right from the player.

Personalized Video Across the Customer Lifecycle
Make complex offerings easy tounderstand and add a human touch to the onboarding process for a truly next-levelcustomer experience. Campaigns with 10x engagement speak for themselves.
Serve your customers 1:1 at scale.With Living Video, you can even addinteractivity socustomers can self-serve. We’ve seen personalized bill explainersslash call volume by nearly 75%.

Stand out from the digital noise with hyper-targeted content. Dynamic VideoAds on Facebook beat legacy video formats with up to 5x higher CTR and up to 7x return on ad spend.

Leverage customer data for cross-selling and upselling, showing your customersonly the most relevant offerings. With this Personalized Video marketing, clients have increased product sales by 300%.

Reach out when it matters. Renewals, anniversaries, loyalty benefits and more are key opportunities to engage. Video personalization makes it easy, reducingchurn by over 35% and driving social shares.