Meet InfiniGrow, your new Marketing Navigation System.

AI-driven Marketing Planning & Analytics for B2B SaaS Marketers
Optimize your marketing budget towards the best-performing channels to hit your KPIs. Measure and forecast key-results and impact.
Meet InfiniGrow, your new marketing navigation system.

Leverage its AI engine to automatically collect, analyze and extract actionable intelligence from vast amounts of performance and market data.

Get deep insight into how you’re doing and where to focus to improve performance.

Depend on step-by-step InfiniGrow guidance when allocating ongoing marketing budgets and take the guesswork out of maximizing business impact.

B2B SaaS Marketing to Date
Decisions based on accepted wisdom and best practices
Complex, siloed data
Multiple parallel, independent analysis workflows
Poor visibility into how – or if! – each activity drives results
Marketing as cost center

Decisions based on data-driven intelligence and recommendations
Centralized database consolidates online and offline marketing activity data, costs, and performance metrics
Continuous, automated analysis of integrated data
Accurate attribution of performance to marketing drivers
Marketing as investment with measurable ROI
Plan marketing for revenue growth, without the guesswork

Automatically collect and analyze data
Manage your budget like a PhD in marketing, finance, and data science, right from day one.

Capture all activity across customer journeys without coding. Integrate it with results and costs.

Streamline dynamic marketing planning optimization.

Discover what drives your marketing engine
Understand the impact of each marketing activity across all KPIs.

Manage teams, campaigns and activities across all channels, without spreadsheets.

Get clear answers to complex marketing questions.