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Get faster insights with
pre-built product analytics reports
Designed by SaaS growth experts, built by data scientists

Time for a new approach to
Product Analytics

Get faster insights that you can trust, in
just 3 steps

View your growth dashboard
The first thing you see when you login into InnerTrends is the growth dashboard: the big picture of your business, with key metrics as defined by your Customer Journey Metrics map.

Access pre-built reports
Then you drill down into the InnerTrends pre-built reports: simple questions anyone on your team can understand without spending hours or weeks building complex reports from scratch.

Uncover growth opportunities
With one click, you get actionable reports tailored to your business that flag trends and insights that would be difficult to find otherwise. Growth opportunities are no longer hidden but ripe for the picking.

Get answers from your data

Ready to track the right metrics and get faster insights into how to grow your SaaS?