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Enable company-wide Customer Success

Improve retention, customer growth and advocacy with the all-in-one customer success engagement platform

Our recipe for customer success
Drive customer engagement

Engage your customers in peer-to-peer discussions, events & segmented user-groups

Increase customer self-service

Increase productivity and proactiveness by decreasing customer support questions

Product feedback & updates

Communicate releases, get the voice of the customer on your roadmap

Increase customer advocacy

Identify loyal users & increase overall NPS and Customer Satisfaction scores

What’s in the box:
Community platform

One central platform for engagement amongst customers in different categories, user-groups. Promote events, news and back it with advanced gamification.

Knowledge base

Transform your traditional support portal to a Customer Success knowledge base with guides, tutorials, best practices and user generated content.

Product feedback & ideation

Involve customers in product development by stimulating product ideation, prioritization, beta testing and product discussions.

Product communication

Keep customers informed and updated about new product developments, releases and updates to your roadmap.

In-app embeddables

Give customers easy access to all relevant knowledge, updates and best practices by offering highly contextual content right inside your product.