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Email & Messaging Platform
Built For: Franchises, Agencies, Gaming, Associations, Restaurants, Entertainment, Publishing, and Retail.

Something has changed in the way we email.
The modern marketer demands things like speed, scale, ease of use, excellent service, flexibility, integrations, usable data, and most importantly, a rapid ROI to deliver great messaging experiences. Unfortunately, legacy platforms built on early 2009 technology simply won’t cut it or keep up with the change. iPost is built to keep up with these demands now and in the future.

Your customers demand a lot.
People today want a choice on what, where, and when to receive communications from your brand. They demand to be heard in the information they give to you while also wanting you to know them based on their behavior. Amongst other things, they want experiences, humanization, empathy, and education when engaging with brands.

An email tool must enable marketers to succeed without hassles.
To personalize your messaging and connect people to your brand’s experience, you shouldn’t have to rely on certifications or a Ph.D. in your current platform. Instead, it’s time for a platform to set the new standard for customer engagement and relationships.

iPost is what you need now & in the future (we promise)
We believe that iPost has many of the features and functionality you will ever want in a messaging platform but would welcome any challenge you bring our way. We constantly develop around our client’s needs because we believe that is what true partnership is all about. So in meetings, you will hear us say “bring it” a lot.

Email industry veterans lead iPost services with an average of 15 years of experience. Our pragmatic and results-driven approach, combined with a marketer-first mentality, allows us to help clients maximize their email and messaging programs when using the iPost platform. We are authentic and never in it to “nickel and dime” as a sacrifice for your success. Take a look at our suite of services below and contact us for more information.

Creative Services
Beautiful creative may look amazing, but it may not always work.

Sending an email is not just about pushing buttons to get it out the door.

Technical Solutions
The thought of “I am not sure it can be done” never enters our minds.

Having A strategy vs having THE strategy.

Nothing matters if your emails don’t get delivered to the inbox.

Analytics & Insights
Pretty charts and graphs make us feel good, but the real value is understanding the data.