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One Stop Solution for Amazon Listing Optimization Services

We create all image, graphic, video, & writing for brands selling on Amazon + Amazon Ads Management

Our Process
We quote your project based on your brand’s unique needs
“Client Success Call” with our operations manager to ensure visions are aligned
Track your project & communicate with us in the “Kenji Client Dashboard”
Ongoing world-class customer support from the Kenji ROI team
Triple Optimized Amazon Listing Methodology

Our unique process developed after 1300+ Amazon listings to maximize click through and conversion rates repeatably & reliably. Utilized in every package offered by Kenji ROI.

Key Info Optimization: We identify crucial buyer language, benefits, & selling triggers your customers subconsciously scan for, & place them in the most prominent places in the listing.

Keyword Optimization: Identifying which keyword phrases are most relevant with high traffic and not too competitive, then placing them throughout the listing to optimize for Amazon keyword ranking.

Persuasive Desire Optimization: To buy anything customers must have a pain, believe your product will solve their pain, & their desire to remove pain is greater than the cost of your product.