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Instantly know which advertising campaigns make your phone ring
On-Demand Intelligence for Every Call, Text & Customer Engagement

Data Matters – Insight Matters Even More
KeyMetric is a G2 High PerformerThe KeyMetric call tracking & analytics platform gives you fast, uncomplicated access to the information you need to boost your sales, marketing & lead generation – no matter how big or small your business.
Eliminate hours of complicated data analysis & simplify your marketing decisions with on-demand call analytics, call attribution & customer engagement forecasting.

Trusted by thousands of businesses around the globe.
New streamlined dashboards, reporting & administration.
Integrate with unlimited Martech & Salestech platforms.
Ask about our new ‘all-inclusive’ implementation services.

Easily Measure your
Advertising Effectiveness
On-demand data to easily identify the channels, campaigns & keywords that drive the most calls, engagements & conversions.

Pinpoint Where to Best Invest
Every Marketing Dollar
Know which advertising is worth investing in. Shift marketing dollars to the campaigns & keywords proven to generate high ROAS.

Boost Customer Engagements,
Conversion Rates & Sales
Fine-tune & optimize campaigns, ad placements & paid search keyword buys with intelligent call attribution data.

Streamlined, Simplified Reporting
The KeyMetric Call Tracking Analytics platform provides on-demand, uncomplicated access to the performance data you need to make smarter, faster marketing decisions.

Nearly Unlimited Integrations
KeyMetric call tracking data can be integrated with virtually any 3rd-party tool in your marketing stack.

In addition to connectors for apps such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Acquisio, SalesForce & Domo, the KeyMetric API is designed to easily push call data where you need it, when you need it.

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