The smartest and most cost effective way to group keywords and establish search intent at scale.
Keyword insights utilises state-of-the-art natural linguistic processing and search engine result page (SERP) data to cluster keywords into similar groups whilst also working out the intent behind them.

The output will tell you which keywords you can target a single page with, or which need to be broken into multiple pages. It’ll also show you where you need to create articles vs product pages to rank for any given keyword.

Why Use Keyword Insights?
Our tool has three unique features which, when combined, give you unparalleled insights into your
content strategy.

Keyword Clustering
Using live, country-specific SERP data layered with natural linguistic processing, we’ll group your keywords into important “clusters”. The result will allow you to quickly understand when you need to split content out into new pages or when it can be consolidated.

Keywords Intents
Keyword Intent/Context
Using live, country-specific SERP data and a pre-trained machine learning model of over 2 million keywords, we can accurately detect the intent at scale. The result will allow you to quickly ascertain whether you need to create product pages, long form articles or whether the intent is fragmented and you can rank twice. You’ll often be surprised at which keywords tend to trigger ‘article pages’.

Keywords Ranking
Keyword Ranking
In addition to grouping your keywords and detecting the search intent, we’ll pull through where you currently rank and the ranking URL for each keyword. When all this data is pivoted, you’ll quickly see optimisation opportunities at a URL level for all of your keywords. You’ll see when pages are trying to rank for too many clusters and you’ll see when pages are targeting the wrong intent.

Why Choose Keyword Insights?
Here are a few unique features about our tool and why it’s better than what’s out there at the moment:

Build your topics and clusters easily
Build topic clusters around parent keywords. Our report will clearly show you what the main keyword each page should target is, whilst also showing you all the other keywords that page can target.

Create the right type of content
Keyword insights can turbo charge your content marketing strategy. You’ll quickly find keyword cannibalisation issues, situations when your content should be split out into separate pages and you’ll discover heaps of blog ideas as keywords you previously thought were “transactional” are actually “informational”.

Find the true search intent/Context
Accurately predict the true search intent behind each keyword with our context report. Keyword insights will clearly tell you whether a keyword requires a blog post or a product page. You’ll be amazed at how often you were trying to rank the wrong type of page.

Optimise your site architecture
With your keywords grouped by semantically similar topics, planning your site architecture will become a whole lot easier. You’ll understand which pages need to be created and what keywords they should be targeting.

Rank tracked
You’ll not require an expensive rank tracking subscription. Keyword Insights will pull any existing rankings for you and match them to your keyword clusters.

Quickly optimise your PPC account
The clustering report can be used to improve or build your Google/Bing keyword groups. Find additional keywords you could be targeting in each adgroup and quickly avoid the age old issue of having the same keyword in two different ad groups.

Internal linking opportunities
When combined with URL data, the report will allow you to see which clusters can be internally linked to speeding up, and improving, your internal linking game.

Bring your own data
Keyword Insights does 2 main things (clustering & search intent) and it does it better than anybody else. This is not a keyword research tool. You’ll still need to “bring your own keywords”. Whatever software you used to get your keywords and search volume is up to you. Simply upload the keywords in a CSV file and we will take care of the rest.