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With a Total of 511,724,463 Amazon Keywords in our Database, we have the most Amazon Keywords PERIOD!!

See how many keywords you can get for a “Reverse ASIN”™ Search
out of a possible 8 Marketplaces for FREE!!
What can KeywordInspector do for You?
KeywordInspector is a suite of individual tools to help you, the Amazon Seller, gain an advantage over your competition. While each tool is separate, you can rely on multiple tools at once to help you find/sell/optimize more products, faster on, a its almost like a Sonar Tool for Keywords.

The Amazon Seller Tool Suite
Now with TRUE Amazon Search Volumes!!!

“Reverse ASIN”™
Keyword Tool
(US, UK, DE, CA, MX, FR, IT, IN, JP)
We created the Original “Reverse ASIN”™ Amazon Keyword Research Tool in 2014 and it’s still is our most popular tool in 2019, the program has been running strong for more than 4 years, and has helped 100,000’s of Amazon Sellers find millions of Organic and Sponsored Ad keywords automatically.

To be exact, we have 511,724,463 Amazon Keywords in our Database, adding millions more every week across marketplaces.

!!! Now including Actual Amazon Search Volume Data in our USA Extensive Reports !!!
!!! Now including Suggested Demand in our USA Extensive Reports w/Daily Updates (coming soon to other marketplaces !!!
(want a regular keyword search tool, then check out our Keyword Trends tool with a searchable database of a combined 191+Million keywords for the USA and UK marketplaces)

With it you can find all of the keywords Amazon customers are using to find a product/niche on (USA), (UK), Germany, Canada, Mexico,France,Italy,India, Australia and Japan Using just a Products ASIN (Unique Amazon Identifier) you can find 10,000s of keywords in a blink of an eye, many of which you probably would never have thought of, but still make total sense.

Each Keyword has an TRUE Amazon Search Volume for it , and there are now well over 25+ Billion Unique ASIN-Keyword Combinations in our Database. We Keyword Scout rankings for ASIN/Keyword Combinations on an approximate weekly basis.

Do not be fooled by other services or tools labeled as “Reverse ASIN”™ tools, Keyword Inspector is the only service that can actually tell you within seconds all of the keywords an ASIN ranks for, sometimes getting more than 100x more Amazon Search Terms, so you only have to run 1-3 reports when trying to optimize your listing.

We have many different “Reverse ASIN”™ Reports to choose from (including a Reverse PPC Report), Countries We Support: (USA) using our database of 305,304,027 keywords (UK) using our database of 45,941,445 keywords (Germany) using our database of 32,648,997 keywords (Canada) using our database of 19,004,127 keywords (Mexico) using our database of 4,750,582 keywords (France) using our database of 19,348,992 keywords (Italy) using our database of 23,441,602 keywords (India) using our database of 31,335,029 keywords (Japan) using our database of 13,088,085 keywords (Australia coming soon) using our database of 623,232 keywords

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“Reverse ASIN”™ Reports are either based on a credit system or you can Subscribe to “unlimited” search reports, each report always has fresh data for a certain period of time, then after that the reports must be renewed to keep viewing or to keep downloading the data (not a problem with asubscription).

When using the Subscription system, Reverse ASIN reports are unlimited, but can be limited if they are abused.
When using the credit system, Credits can be purchased with one-time packages or by getting so many credits a month with a monthly-recurring subscription payment (called the “Subscribe N’ Save”).

A Free “Reverse ASIN”™ Search Demo is available for this tool (demo supports USA ASINs), with it you can find out how many keywords your competitors product, or your product are ranking for on page one of Amazon, and see a few random keywords that we found using the same data the Paid tool uses.