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Keywords Toaster: Optimize Your Website for SEO

Standard keyword tools for the Pay Per Click (PPC) and SEO businesses are available through Keywords Toaster. Regularly, the tools provided greatly assist PPC and SEO specialists. The more relevant your website is to users, the higher it will rank on Google Search.

The following standout qualities set this app apart from competing apps:

  • One page with many keyword tools
  • Results Right Away as You Type
  • A Simple and Clear Layout
  • Downloadable Program

Here are the 4 Keywords Toaster Tools

1. Keywords Wrapper

Wrap the keywords you’ve found to arrange your AdGoups in AdWords or another PPC platform properly. Begin typing to see wrapped keywords for every match type instantly:

  • Broad Match
  • Phrase Match
  • Precise match
  • or Widely Modified

2. Keywords Mixer

All conceivable keyword combinations will be added to your keyword list in seconds. Extremely helpful for exact and phrase match forms of keyword matching. The tool quickly generates all possible combinations and permutations of your seed keywords.

The use of a keyword modifier speeds up common processes with keywords:

  • Lowercased keyword conversion
  • Removing Extraneous Symbols
  • Eliminating Repetitive Keywords

3. Keywords Typos Generator

The Typos Generator is used to create a list of negative keywords. This will help you stop your ads from appearing for frequently searched terms that are often misspelled.

4. Keywords Ideas Generator

The Ideas Generator is used to generate a list of related keywords. This will help you expand your keyword list to include other relevant terms you may not have thought of.

This keyword generator is appropriate for:

  • Developing a thorough list of negative keywords
  • Adding new variations to the list of existing keywords is typically done to improve the  Quality Score and find new keywords.

Application for Chrome Browser

You can install Keywords Toaster directly in your browser by visiting the Chrome Webstore.

Many Other Alternatives to Keywords Toaster:

We do hope that Keywords Toaster will establish itself as your go-to keyword tool for daily use. If it doesn’t suit your needs, here is a list of additional web-based solutions you can use:

  • Key phrase wrap
  • Large Keyword
  •’s PPC Ad Wrapper
  • By, AdWords Wrapper
  • Wrapper for AdWords
  • By, PPC Ad Wrapper
  • Combinations of keywords from
  • Maxivista’s AdWords Keyword Juggler
  •’s PPC Keyword Combination Tool
  • Seobook’s Keyword List Generator
  •’s Combination / Permutation Generators
  • Thesaurus: lizard
  • Google Adwords keyword tool is free (search phrase builder)
  • Online Spelling Checker

Why Choose Keywords Toaster as your Tool?

The app is constantly updated with new features and tools to ensure you’re always ahead of the curve.

  1. The ability to find relevant keywords quickly and easily
  2. A one-stop shop for all your keyword needs
  3. Constantly updated with new features and tools
  4. A simple and clear layout that is easy to use
  5. A downloadable program that is compatible with the Chrome browser

Keywords Toaster designed for accomplishing daily PPC & SEO tasks. 4 keywords tools included in one app:
Wrapper (keywords ppc wrapper)
Mixer (keywords permuter and combiner)
Typoer (typos generator)
Inspirer (ideas generator)
Keywords Wrapper
Wrap keywords you’ve discovered to properly organize your AdGoups in AdWords or another PPC platform. Just start typing and get immediately wrapped keywords for any match type:
Broad Match
Phrase Match
Exact Match
or Broad Modified
Keywords Mixer
Extend your keywords list in seconds with all possible keywords combinations. Extemely useful for Phrase and Exact keywords match types.

Keywords Typos Generator
Prepare comprehensive list of negative keywords with Typoer. People make typos. Use it when you want to prevent your Ads from showing for highly demanded keywords.

Keywords Ideas Generator
Discover new related terms and segments for your service or product. Just input a topic you work with and you’ll get a big list of keywords related to it. This is an ideal tool especially for bloggers who want to enrich their article with additional paragraphs or create a rough article structure.

Application for Chrome Browser
Keywords Toaster is available in Chrome Webstore for installing right in your browser.