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Keywords Toaster provides PPC and SEO industries standard keyword tools for daily use.
The Tools included significantly help PPC and SEO experts on regular basis. Standing out features that distinguish this app from other apps are:
1) All-in-one Keywords Tools on Single Page
2) Immediate Results as You Type
3) Clear and Simple Layout
4) Installable Application

Tools Included:
– Keywords Wrapper
– Keywords Mixer
– Keywords Typoer

Keywords Wrapper is irreplaceable tool for PPC (AdWords, Bing) campaigns:
– Broad Match
– +Broad +Modified +Match
– “Phrase Match”
– [Exact Match]

Keywords Generator suits well for:
– Creating comprehensive list of Negative Keywords
– Extending existing keywords list with new Variations, which is usually used for optimizing Quality Score and Researching New Keywords

Keywords Modifier helps making usual operations with keywords quickly:
– Transforming keywords to lowercase
– Eliminating Extra Symbols
– Filtering Out Duplicated Keywords

Use Keywords Tool Online

Help to improve! What features would you add to solve regular tasks Easier and Faster? Keywords Toaster is Free and aimed to be in TOP3 SEO tools or PPC tools that online marketers use daily. Join!

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