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All the tools you need to simplify & professionalise the way you manage and execute your talent relationships.

Our Tools
Continued Content Reporting
Live performance reports, updated every hour, forever.
Measure the success of your collaborations and individual talent over time.
Share reports with anyone through a live link.
Generate and assign unique Bitly tracking links for individual talent.
Collaboration Management
Set and manage deadlines for events, promotions etc.
Assign deliverables to talent and/or clients for each social channel.
Manage client details, contacts and activity history.
Verified Insights
Access live audience and performance insights.
Easy to compare and select appropriate talent.
Access source data across Instagram, YouTube and Facebook
How It Works

Get more return from your influencer activations. Accurate & exclusive insights help you determine the right people to get you there.


Stay organised. Manage your entire talent roster, client portfolios, influencer database and deliverables from one place.


Save time requesting screenshots and sourcing metrics. Continued content tracking instantly measures content across multiple channels every hour, forever.


Streamline communications and manage quick turnarounds by sharing live media kits and content reports with anyone, anytime.