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Klue is the competitive enablement platform built to collect, curate, and deliver competitive and market intelligence across every department of every business.

Track Competitors

Staying on top of the competition is easy with Klue. Klue tracks relevant news and data and combines it with internal sources. Deeper competitive intelligence gives you the edge against top rivals and growing threats.

Centralize Competitive Content

Never pull your hair out managing document versions again. Update sales battlecards effortlessly, collaborate seamlessly, and deliver consumable competitive strategies in the tools your Sales reps use every day.

Improve Sales Performance

Arm reps with sales strategies to be more effective in closing deals. Easily searchable sales battlecards give tactics to handle objections, deposition competitors, and leverage strengths.

Connected Competitive Intelligence.

Fuel better decision-making across the organization. Klue makes it easy to collect, curate, and deliver intel to multiple teams. Whether by email, web, mobile, or Salesforce, Klue works where you do.

Collect Competitive Intel

Lighten the load of tracking competitors and markets. Klue gathers and filters from millions of sources to keep you on top of competitor website changes, product/feature updates, customer reviews, and more. Internal intel from Slack, email, and Salesforce combine with external data to give you deeper competitive coverage of your market.