Why do leading brands choose Konnecto?
Digital Customer Acquisition

Increase the top of the funnel by up to 18%, improve conversion rates and decrease the cart-abandonment rate significantly

Marketing Strategy

Build and execute a winning marketing strategy by uncovering weaknesses, threats and disruption opportunities in the market

Competitive Intelligence

Gain a clear real-time vision of how consumers interact with your competitors across products and assets

It’s time to unlock your unfair advantage

Unique data, unique technology, and industry-specific data science enable the creation of actionable recommendations that take into account your current investment landscape across multiple functions without the need for any integration/data transfer.

Konnecto identifies trigger points and behavioral patterns specific to a need within an industry and category (e.g. buying a Motability car, buying coffee pods as a present, etc.). In addition to aggregating the data, we build models specifically relevant to your industry, category, region, and product type…