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Save Time and Simplify Social Media
Management across Teams
Save time and resources while scaling social media across multiple teams and clients.

Social Media Management

Create and Publish
Content Creation
Create attractive posts for almost every social media platform – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. See all posts in live preview before published, making sure they are perfect.

Plan and organize
Plan your posts in a straight-forward calendar and organize them in one dedicated place with multiple views, making everything easy to find, every time. No more spreadsheets or hidden docs.

Teamwork and approval
Smoother collaboration between teams by adding remarks in the comment section and approval with 1-click on the web or app. Bye bye to never-ending email loops and misunderstandings.

Engage and Analyze
Analyze and Report
Easily prepare reports for your clients with just a few clicks, including valuable post insights, campaigns’ performance, and even monitoring competitors’ performance. Boom!

Have a single place to connect with your team and clients. Simplify communications with a message inbox or even a wider team discussion. They’re listening.

Create and Plan Ads
Plan Ads
Meet up in one place where teams can create, collaborate, approve, and export Facebook and Instagram ads with ease.

Find out how you can
work more effectively.
In 14 days you will see how Kontentino helps you out with all the social media challenges you, your team, and your clients face.