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Engage the Right Buyers, at the Right Accounts, Globally.
What can Kwanzoo do for your go-to-market teams?

A platform designed for sales, marketing, and customer success teams to generate predictable revenue growth by engaging target accounts and buying teams throughout the customer journey.


Grow Awareness

Identify and connect with buying teams at target accounts while building positive brand perception


Drive Demand

Create air-cover for all outbound to increase email click-throughs, form fills and SDR connects.


Boost Revenue

Increase opportunity value by engaging the entire buying team, not just a lead


Accelerate Pipeline

Close deals faster by delivering buyer enablement content at key opportunity stages

Our Account-Based Strategies Work.

Whether you are an enterprise or a high

growth startup, this could be you:

An enterprise B2B customer saw 2.9X higher account resolution.
A high-growth B2B SaaS startup generated 92 net new MQAs within 90 days of launch.
A B2B SaaS security software company saw 6X-8X return in opportunity value.