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Outsourced SDRs for Lead Generation
Software and Services Hybrid

Hire a full-fledged dedicated SDR team to build your sales pipeline and achieve revenue goals. provides both software & services to help companies achieve their lead generation goals.

Plan, manage & track all your lead generation activities on a single, powerful SaaS-based platform.

Product & Services Hybrid
Lead generation is not one-size-fits-all. Our trained SDRs strive to understand what makes you different; because we are.

Leverage our meticulously designed software to structure your strategy and execution while tracking the minutest detail of your campaign to achieve your lead quota.

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Multi-Channel Lead Generation

Outsourced SDR team lets you outsource an entire team of qualified SDRs. A managed services solution that owns planning all the way to execution of your lead generation activities.


With an Integrated Multichannel Lead Execution Strategy, build a predictable pipeline that incorporates 16 channels like cold emails, phone, LinkedIn, ABM, buyer intent, static, and dynamic TAL to achieve your revenue goals.

Truly all-in-one

Plan, manage, and track all your lead generation activities on the app and eliminate the clutter and confusion that is created by using hundreds of excel sheets, word docs, and emails.

Demand generation framework

Follow an elaborately structured 22 step framework to kick start your lead generation process so that you know what to expect from day one!

ICP and list building

Arguably, one of the most important steps to aid lead generation would be the quality of your list. Build strong static and dynamic lists, Buyer personas, and clusters tailored to your ICP.

Growth hacking

Experiment, period! We go to the extent of isolating the 6 elements of an email pitch block (for one-to-one, one-to-many, and one-to-few plays) like subject lines, CTA, and social proofing to eliminate early on what does not work and build on what does.