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Fast Growing and Public Companies Partner with LeadGenius to Rapidly Expand Globally
For sales and marketing teams alike, LeadGenius delivers hard-to-find B2B contact and account data, insights and signals in EMEA, LATAM, APAC and around the world.

Growth Automation
The future of Growth Automation combines 3 traditionally separate categories: B2B Data, Data Outsourcing, and Robotic Process Automation into 1 powerful solution, Flow and DataHub by LeadGenius.

B2B Data – Account & Contact Intelligence, Custom Insights, Vertical Datasets, Hyper-Specific Personas, Buying Intent Signals & Global Data Coverage
Data Outsourcing – Dedicated team of 3: Data Scientist, Project Manager, Customer Success Manager
Robotic Process Automation– Automate repetitive tasks like prospect research & CRM chores
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Companies Using Growth Automation See
2x faster sales cycle, 10x more qualified leads, and 50% more efficient salespeople

Business Development Manager at FinancialForce
“LeadGenius’ Data Ops Teams have been a critical partner for us when it comes to our goal of creating scalable prospecting automation machine.”

What Our Customers Are Saying

TAM Analysis, Account Prioritization, Sales Efficiency
By using Flow with DataHub, within the first 90 days, 3 opportunities were created representing over $3M in processing volume to PayPal.
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Global Account Coverage & Personalization At-Scale
Learn how Flow by LeadGenius helped Salesforce enrich full buying committees across all of their top accounts globally, adding Contact Signals to improve personalization.
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Prospecting Automation to Explode Sales Efficiency & Closed-Won Opportunities
Learn how LeadGenius helped SAP EMEA North and EMEA South completely automate their outbound prospecting and achieve a 9X ROI.
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From Horizontal to Vertical SaaS: How B2B Data Follows the Same Evolution as Technology
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Evolution of B2B Data and Why Marketers Need Personalized Data
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Why choose LeadGenius Growth Automation?
Growth Automation with LeadGenius is what efficiency-obsessed companies use to shorten sales cycles, reach more leads and close more opportunities faster.