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Optimized Campaigns with Custom Data
Measurable lift in engagement per rep at Intercom with purpose built data from LeadGenius.

Prospecting Automation Machine for BDRs
ROI of over 1,100% secured in just 4 months from pipeline generated using Personalized Data from LeadGenius.

SMB Targeting Strategy for Inside Sales
LeadGenius helped the Inside Sales team with their SMB growth strategy and test new verticals.

What is Hard to Find B2B Data?
B2B Data is fast evolving. Marketers no longer limit themselves with standard data fields around contacts and companies. They are now seeking data elements that demonstrate purchase intent or are particular to a given vertical. Below are examples of data fields relevant to: Intent, Ecommerce, HR/Payroll and SaaS companies.

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From Horizontal to Vertical SaaS: How B2B Data Follows the Same Evolution as Technology
Overview It’s no surprise that the newly incorporated SaaS companies no longer look the same as they did five to ten years ago. Technology has evolved from monetizing the biggest opportunities across multiple verticals to now creating vertical-specific SaaS solutions.