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Prospect Smarter
LeadIQ makes sales teams more efficient at outbound prospecting by capturing and sequencing contact information with one click.

Sales teams spend too much time on low value activities.

LeadIQ allows you to:

Eliminate busy work

Enrich and aggregate your prospect’s data

Make prioritization and authentic personalization easier

Locating contact data isn’t your biggest problem—it’s just the tip of the iceberg.
Modern sales requires engagement across the entire buying team.

LeadIQ gives users their most valuable resource: time

Clari Calls LeadIQ the Clear Choice for Prospecting
Clari’s SDR team saved over 50 hours a week using LeadIQ’s Data Enrichment features. A process that used to take 20 minutes per prospect now takes less than five. As a result, SDRs can put more time into personalizing outreach efforts, resulting in far higher response rates.

What will your sales reps’ workflow look like with LeadIQ?

Identify a target account, locate it on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and open the LeadIQ extension.

Narrow down the list of contacts using LinkedIn’s filters. Research every prospect and capture their information with LeadIQ.

Allow LeadIQ to route the contacts to the proper sequence, while also updating records. You and your team are now ready to prospect.