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Never Miss A Single Facebook Lead Again

LeadKlozer is the industry’s FIRST and ONLY real-time Facebook engagement monitoring, ranking and response service for INDIVIDUAL LEADS. Save time and increase sales by automatically tracking, organizing, scoring (prioritizing) and messaging leads ALL IN ONE PLACE!

See All Comments Needing A Reply (#1 Missed Lead Opportunity) In One Dashboard

The #1 missed lead opportunity for Facebook Marketers of all levels is MISSED COMMENTS. Never miss a comment on any post or ad from your Facebook page again! Save tons of time by seeing and replying to all your “Open Comments” IN ONE PLACE!

Make Sales From Reactions Through PREVIOUSLY HIDDEN Facebook Messaging Steps

How many IMPORTANT leads are engaging with you through likes, hearts and smiley faces? What if you knew every time these leads reacted to your posts or ads? What if you could COMMUNICATE with them DIRECTLY?

A Real-Time Command Center For Every Individual Lead

Any reaction, comment, reply, message, chatbot conversation or lead ad form auto creates a Contact Profile. Now you have every opportunity to REPLY to individual leads knowing EVERYTHING you need to know to unlock double digit growth.

No Two Leads Are The Same. Why Treat Them That Way?

LeadKlozer automatically shows who your most engaged leads are based on our lead priority algorithm, Smart Score (Example SC 259). See who is the most likely to generate the most revenue from a list of everyone interacting with your Facebook page(s)!

Unlimited Custom Lead Lists. Unlimited Sales Opportunities.

You now have a personal search engine of your entire contact database. See all leads that commented on your Facebook ads in the last week. That are at a certain stage in your sales process. That you’ve tagged with “SharedPricing” but haven’t bought yet.