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Lead Manager is a system for managing leads, marketing and sales in the most efficient wa
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Better lead management

Saves you time and manpower, and leads to satisfied

Whether it is the absorption of leads from different channels, the creation of partners (affiliates), or the treatment of leads by a team of benefactors or sales people, the Lead Manager system makes the process more efficient and easier

Who is the system suitable for?

Campaign Managers (SEO / PPC)
eceiving and tracking leads that are received from a variety of campaigns and sources (phone number, chat, etc.), interface for the company’s customer

Businesses and companies
CRM system for lead management, lead routing for sales and telemarketing people, campaign management and lead providers and advertising.

Call centers
Managing a call center and telemarketing center, data optimization (lead optimization) and automatic lead routing for the company’s customers

Lead manufacturers

Lead generation through campaigns, building an affiliate system, telephone optimization, and selling leads to end customers.

Portals and websites

Receiving leads from banners, landing pages, chat forms, phone numbers, reports and control, and routing leads to the end customers of the portal.