Lead Generation and Customer Intelligence
Leady recognizes the corporate visitors that come to your website and reports back to you. This information gives you new opportunities that you can easily turn into new customers.
Lead Generation for B2B
Leady identifies which company’s representative has visited your website. Leady turns your anonymous website visitors into business leads with full company and person profile. Shorten the time spent on research, and prospecting and automate lead gen.

Customer Intelligence
Leady helps you to track points of user interaction, level of engagement, events, frequency of visits while also tracking all communications, so you can focus on closing more sales.

Email Marketing Tracking
Leady integrates with all leading Email Service Providers and email marketing platforms. Additionally Leady builds on analytics from your email marketing campaigns, allows you to develop rich person and company profile and see which offer leads to conversion.

With Leady you can explore which editorial content brings your email recipients to your website and which should be revised. Once integrated you can identify ready to win prospects, leverage data for personalized communication and close more deals faster.

Web forms
When a web form is submitted Leady will start building rich person and company profiles.

Tracking subscribers and their journeys across website and your additional digital touchpoint.

With Leady you can identify ready to win prospects and attract them with the right offer at the right time in their life cycle. At the point of submission Leady identifies anonymous visitors and provide you with their historical interaction with your brand.