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Lean Analytics – A/B testing React apps made easy

You are leaving money on the table when you do not test. Use Lean Startup principles and make your app data-driven, by conducting A/B tests on your website — for free — so it works better for your customers and your business.

How it works

First you list things you want to try out.
Then you integrate some jsx into your app.
That’s all, see statistics in real time!

Iterate on copy

Struggling to get your point across?
Not sure what language is more persuasive?

Optimize pricing

Use variable pricing to find the right price point.

Monitor ads

Measure ads that outperform on your platform.

And more; interested?

In the future, I am thinking to implement weighted experiments, add a way to automatically abort faulty experiments, and maybe I could also make an API that would return certain stats relevant to the user that could work as Use Proof.