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Why Legrand CRM?

We know that each business is unique and you need a CRM that can be tailored to your needs. LCRM was designed to help small to medium sized B2B companies operate more efficiently without increasing your employees’ workloads. In addition to a focus on upping productivity, we developed LCRM with the philosophy that deep accounting integration is invaluable to your business. See how our accounting integration can work for you!

LCRM offers an established On-Premise CRM solution for those companies who have appropriate IT infrastructure and want to maintain control of their data on their private servers. We also offer a Cloud solution for those who prefer the simplicity of the Cloud. Enjoy a CRM system that will help your business thrive.

Make Your System Work for You

Legrand CRM is highly configurable and includes the “hooks” to enable integration with your web site and other business applications. Leverage our native accounting integrations and our configurable screens to tailor a CRM to your needs.

Boost Team Productivity

The biggest test of any CRM is whether your team will use it. Increase your team’s productivity without increasing their workload.
Integrate seamlessly with Outlook or Gmail to ensure that everyone is on the same page with customer leads, tasks, and support issues.

Build Customer Relationships

Give your team the tools to provide outstanding customer service. With the full customer history at their fingertips, your team can quickly respond to any query.
Don’t let communications slip through the cracks.