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One Platform. One Experience.
Unleash the Power of Digital Documents
Create stunning digital documents using LifeCycle Studio and unlock powerful insights as they travel throughout your organization.

What’s Inside of The Software?
Our LifeCycle platform doesn’t just create digital documents, it creates a digital experience. We manage all aspects of the document lifecycle, allowing organizations to quickly move from adoption to maturity.

LifeCycle Studio™
Create modern, beautiful digital documents using our low-code development platform.

LifeCycle Workflow™
Create dynamic workflows to ensure the right people in your organization are engaged.

LifeCycle Analytics™
Identify document collaboration patterns that impact productivity, workforce effectiveness, and employee engagement.

LifeCycle Assistant™
Through the power of AI, let LifeCycle Assistant make intelligent recommendations on improving your document workflow.

Create your own Digital Perspectives™
Create your own personalized digital perspective based on your role in the organization. Display the information that is important to you, so you can make faster and better decisions.

Get insight into your document workflow
Workflows are meant to evolve as your business changes. We provide you intelligent insights into every stage of your document workflow, so you can continously improve your processes.

Understand how employees are collaborating
Not all document processes are created equal. So we provide you with employee engagement insights to assist you in creating a unified collaboration experience across your organization.