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The Programmatic Marketing Platform Built for App Developers

Maximize your ROAS through custom deep learning models, complete control and full transparency

Granular Controls

Buy exactly what you want. It’s your money. Whitelist and blacklist apps, devices or from among 50+ attributes. We’re 100% transparent and we’re here to help. Our expertise runs deep, having purchased over $100 million in programmatic media.

High Performing Creative

Drive better results with quality ad experiences. Our team of 15 in-house creative experts design, develop and test thousands of ads per month. We’ll happily test your ads too. We always optimize for the best performing ads, regardless of who developed them.

Custom Deep Learning

Leverage your data and maximize your ROAS with custom deep learning models. Models are built in collaboration with you, our domain experts and our data science team. Test results show that our custom, deep learning models deliver 50% higher ROI than traditional machine learning models.

Quality In-App Supply

To scale budgets it’s critical to maintain performance while acquiring high volumes of valuable users. We earn our clients’ trust by not wasting their time and money. We deliver 100% viewable ads and minimize fraud by blocking over 35 types of suspicious traffic.