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The visual home for your brand
Stop wasting time looking for files buried in folders. Visually organize all your assets in one place with Lingo. Create and share living style guides, asset libraries and more.


The visual way to organize your assets
Designed to flex to your needs, Lingo’s canvas is part style guide, part digital asset manager. Bring content and context together in a single location.

Share your assets with just your team or the entire world.
Private, password protected or public. With Lingo, you control who can access your brands’ assets.


Empower your team to create on their own while ensuring consistency
Lingo has powerful image processing capabilities that automate repetitive tasks like file conversion and resizing. With Lingo your team will be able find the file they need, in the format and size they need all without needing your help.

Create and share your way
Lingo’s flexible canvas allows you to build different types of asset libraries with a single tool.