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Spring clean your backlink profile with the Link Audit and Google Recovery Link Research Tool. Equipped with Link Detox Genesis® a powerful backlink-cleansing tool, it finds toxic links in your profile and removes them to protect against Google penalties.
Link Research Tools can help you earn back any rankings you have lost due to bad backlinks on Google Penguin, and help protect you from harmful links that could damage your website. Key features include an LRT Link Screener, a Link Detox Boost, a Link Detox Tune, and DTOXRISK – the only link-based metric you will ever need to evaluate your backlinks

Link Audit and Google Recovery – Recover with LRT
Find toxic links in your backlink profile with ease thanks to machine-learning Link Detox Genesis®.
Link Audit and Penalty Recovery
Disavow links and manage your disavow file and link risk for all your domains.
Link Detox
Recover and protect links from Google penalties
Find the bad links that harm websites with Link Detox®. Clean up inbound link profiles with the best disavow file management. Earn back rankings. Protection from bad links piling up for Google Penguin.

LRT Link Screener
Save time while doing accurate Link Audits
Page by page backlink browsing within the LinkResearchTools interface.

Link Detox Boost
Speed up Google penalty recovery
Google takes note of LRT disavow files faster. Monitor the progress when Google recrawls disavowed links. Recovery possible in 3 days.

Link Detox Tune
Customize your personal toxic link finder algorithm
You can adapt your analysis to your experience in the niche and risk levels accepted. Tweaking the algorithm in intensely competitive industries is popular.

Machine learning for your backlink profile – Link Detox Genesis®
Link Detox learns about what makes a spam link and what not.

This AI system has the most extensive training set in the world, just because we were around first in 2012.

Link Detox Risk® the ONLY link-based metric.
Sounds weird, we know. Link Detox Risk (DTOXRISK) is the only link metric you need to evaluate links. And it seems we’re the only ones evaluating a link as a connection from A to B, and not just a source page.

Link Analysis and Risk Monitoring – Protect with LRT
Analyze and monitor your existing links with the most comprehensive link data.
Link Analysis and Risk Management – Protect
Keep links that help your rankings, watch out for new links potentially hurting you.
Analyze backlink profiles in seconds
Find the strongest links of a domain or page quick and easy.

Get the most in-depth backlink data available
The most comprehensive backlink profile for every website, even for the sites of competitors.

Start looking at links in a completely different way
Perfectly understand the complete backlink profile, even if it consists of as much as 100 million links.

E-mail notification for every new link received
Monitor the link activity of various websites, including the ones of competitors.

Track the validity of backlinks
Check if old or newly built links are still alive, and follow our recommendations.

Introducing the Backlink Profiler vs. Link Detox
Backlink Profiler

The Backlink Profiler is the most extensive backlink analysis tool on the market (after our Link Detox) as it provides users with the most comprehensive, up-to-date and visually-enriched backlink report for any domain or page.

BLP empowers the identification of unnatural inbound links and missing image descriptions on websites. With aggregation from 24 link data sources and up to 97 SEO metrics, this is the best you can get on the market for backlink analysis if you compare it to other “backlink checkers”.