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LinkedIn Network Booster
Automatically send invitations and connect to a list of LinkedIn users with a personalized message.

Automate LinkedIn connections and grow your network with thousands of new professionals.

Auto send connection requests to your prospects list

Write personalized intro messages with # feature (e.g. Hello, #firstName# …)

Set it on automatic and generate new connections every day

Send connection requests to 80 profiles per day or 150 if you have a LinkedIn premium account

How to auto-connect on LinkedIn
This phantom is a LinkedIn automation tool. It takes a list of LinkedIn profile URLs as input. It will visit each profile on your behalf and send them an invitation to connect.
Note: Phantoms run from the cloud so your browser doesn’t need to be open or on if you activate repeated launches.

How to send a personalized message within your connection request?
This feature is optional but quite useful. First, you’ll need columns with additional information about the user (e.g the first name) under head titles.