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LinkedIn Network Booster

LinkedIn Network Booster


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LinkedIn Network Booster

LinkedIn Network Booster – one of the most efficient tools to help grow your LinkedIn efforts.

There Are Nearly 800 Million Members on LinkedIn

Nearly 800 million users are on the professional network in more than 200 countries. The platform is also home to over 57 million companies. According to LinkedIn, their growth rate is at two new members joining per second – Source

LinkedIn Network Booster in their own words

Automatically send invitations and connect to a list of LinkedIn users with a personalized message.

Automate LinkedIn connections and grow your network with thousands of new professionals.

Auto send connection requests to your prospects list

Write personalized intro messages with # feature (e.g. Hello, #firstName# …)

Set it on automatic and generate new connections every day

Send connection requests to 80 profiles per day or 150 if you have a LinkedIn premium account

How to auto-connect on LinkedIn
This phantom is a LinkedIn automation tool. It takes a list of LinkedIn profile URLs as input. It will visit each profile on your behalf and send them an invitation to connect.
Note: Phantoms run from the cloud so your browser doesn’t need to be open or on if you activate repeated launches.

How to send a personalized message within your connection request?
This feature is optional but quite useful. First, you’ll need columns with additional information about the user (e.g the first name) under head titles.

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