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LINKEDIN Automation
Linvo Automate your Connections, Messages, and Posts.
Our machine is running in the cloud 24/7.
Generating more sales and leads while you sleep.
Set and forget, it takes only 5 minutes to start making money.

Increase your engagement
Our system is working 24/7 connecting, messaging, and engaging with new prospects.
Instead of manually connecting with 5-10 prospects every day.

Use Linvo to connect with up to 60 connections per day.

Why should you be using Linvo? is an excellent tool no-matter-what title you have:

HR – Filter your prospects with the tech you are looking to recruit, and start sending messages to get more hires.

Marketing – Send your proposal to as many prospects as you can, and export all of them for your sales team!

Sales – Great for customer discovery and initial qualification.

VC – Send your pitch deck to hundreds of VCs.

Are you looking for a job? – Connect with thousands of HR, send them your resume.

The options are limit-less.

Automate everything that grows your leads sales and revenue.