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Ready to build your business from home?
Live Video viewership has doubled since the quarantine. Messaging and Commenting has increased 70%. There’s an undeniable fact; Live Video is the number one way to grow your business from home. Live Leap helps more people see your live video, and lets them know when you’ve gone live! Our customers Live Leap!

Watch how Easy it is!

Syndicate Live Video
Harness the power of syndicating your Live Video feed with Live Leap. Communicate to thousands of people through your Social Network. Boost the exposure of your ventures with automation and precision! Set and forget Live Video routing that creates targeted broadcasting. Drive more traffic to your Live Broadcasts with ease!

Join our growing Facebook™ Group after your purchase!
Learn how our entire customer base is using Live Leap to grow their following. We host weekly training and updates in this group, and it is exclusive to Live Leap customers. We also post new updates, events, blog posts, and changes to the Facebook™ Live platform. As Facebook™ releases new FB Live updates, we send them to our customer base in this private group.

Updates Stay up-to-date with Facebook™ Live
Training Get 0 cost training from our experts
Ideas Get ideas from people who benefit form Live Leap
Events Join us at the events we attend or exhibit
Syndicate to multiple networks at once
Live Leap syndicates your Facebook Live Video to multiple social networks. Not only that, it communicates with your Email and SMS List. Syndicate your Facebook LIVE Video to Facebook Groups, and Facebook Pages at the same time. Send automated alerts to people who follow you, and make sure they jump on to watch you LIVE.

Syndicate your LIVE Video to Facebook Groups
Syndicate your LIVE Video to Facebook Pages
Automated Tweets to let people know you’re LIVE
Automated Linked In updates to let people know you’re LIVE
Automated Emails that deploy when you go LIVE
Automated SMS alerts that you’re on LIVE

Why everyone is Sharing Live Leap
Live Leap is the first of it’s kind for syndicating your Facebook™ Live Stream. We strive to constantly grow the project and help you build your following. Take your Facebook™ Live experience to the next level with social network syndication and automated notifications/alerts. Get started today with a 7 Day Trial.

Lock in a large following
Signal everyone you’re LIVE
Rapidly Grow your following

Reach more with syndication
People are amazed at the way Live Leap builds such a massive following. Build up your Facebook™ Pages/Groups so that you can deploy your message to people around the world. Take your Live streaming to the next level!

We have thousands of customers that Live Leap. Even people within the Real Estate industry!

Listen how Greg took FB Live to the next level with a very thought out plan for Live Video Domination.
He specifically breaks down how he used Live Leap to grow his brand, find more home buyers, and people wanting to sell their home.
Not only that, he was able to network with leaders within his industry, and obtain speaking engagements and brand growth.
Once you have the right plan in place, it’s just taking that extra step, and GO LIVE.
Make sure to have Live Leap when you do it! – Greg McDaniel.