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Personalized Browser Push Notifications for Web and Mobile

Boost your mobile and web engagement for greater conversions with Zo Web push notifications.

Web Push Made Super Easy
Power packed features you need

Segmentation, personalization, trigger based, real-time tracking and more, our feature list has everything you need to smarten up engagement.

Flexible pricing plans

Free, Enterprise, and custom plans available. With flexible pricing, we make sure that you pay only as much as you need to.

Easy and Quick Implementation

Set it up and start sending notifications in no more than 10 minutes. Customer engagement couldn’t get any easier!

Why Zo Web Push Notifications
Engage your users in real-time

Don’t wait for web and mobile visitors to come back to your website or read your emails. Reach out to them on their browsers in real-time to boost engagement levels.

Get higher opt-in rates than emails

Zo web push notifications enable one click opt-in. Our users get 25% optin rates for business updates, a lot more than the optins that emails receive.

Leverage 1:1 web push personalization

Get insights into who your users are, auto-segment them into lists and personalize your push messages for higher conversions.

Eliminate the need for an app

Build an audience without having to create an app. Zo web push notificaWhat Is LIVEreel?

LIVE Videos are a thing now!
From celebrities to your regular friends, everyone is goes live!

And businesses and marketers are catching up on the trend. Every day you’ll see big brands like Coke, Pepsi, McDonalds, Apple, Microsoft and more, going live and engaging with their audience.

If you’re not using LIVE Videos today, you’re missing out!

With Facebook turning your regular newsfeed into more of an “adfeed” now, it’s getting really hard get engagement and turn that engagement into sales.

And it’s the same with any other social media site.

So what’s the best way to get customers attention while they’re quickly scrolling away on their feed?

LIVE Videos!

People love live videos. The feel the sense of connection with LIVE videos and engage with them…liking, commenting, sharing, tagging, retweeting and favoriting!

PLUS most social networks with LIVE videos, instantly notify your audience base when you go live. That’s instant FREE targeted traffic to your videos that you can convert into leads and sales within minutes!

But being a marketer, with so much to juggle around, it’s not easy to ACTUALLY be live with your audience as much as you like. Being live takes a lot of time, practice and you need to be good at presenting yourself well.

Plus there are all those other issues with live videos, especially when you want to share your screen or something other than yourself on the camera.

LIVEreel solves all of this and more!tions support PWAs and work on iOS and Android, making it easier to reach your target audience.

Receive higher click through rates

Zo web push notifications are crisp and always contextual. That’s why they receive a click through rate of up to 33% on an average campaign – much higher than emails!

Increase your revenue

Higher the level of personalization, greater is the revenue you generate on Zo web push notifications. Let’s get you more sales, starting today.