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Minutes to integrate

It really is that simple. Within minutes you can translate content live on your website, add languages, and collaborate with your team members. All from the Localize dashboard.

Streamline your entire translation workflow

The Localize dashboard features an intuitive set of tools for translation management, data analytics, reporting, content hosting and much more.

The Localize Advantage

The Localize Translation Management System (TMS) delivers the most advanced platform on the market today, with all the tools you need to effectively manage your translation workflow.

Content Detection

No need to manually import and export content. Localize automatically detects new or edited content on your website or application, and pulls it directly into your translation workflow.

In-Context Editor

The in-context editor provides a visual workflow for translators to see how and where their translated content will appear on your site – ensuring context and messaging are preserved.

Team Collaboration

The Localize dashboard makes it easy for teams, both small and large, to collaborate directly on any project at any time. Fully customizable with multiple levels of permissions.

Translation Delivery

Localize delivers translations directly to your users quickly and securely with the Localize SDK. There’s no complex localization infrastructure to maintain.

Quality Translations

Customizable style guides and glossaries provide added assurance that your industry specific terminology will be translated correctly and consistently across the entire project.


Localize reporting features enable you to measure the success of your projects by monitoring dashboard usage, translator progress, and much more with our fully integrated analytics.