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The fastest way to expand your online market share

Customers are moving online at 5x the speed projected in 2020. This rapid disruption demands agile technology that’s live in weeks, not years. Businesses also need proven, predictable ROI that is both measurable and compelling.

Longtail UX is the fastest way to expand your market share

A new customer acquisition channel in just 2 weeks. Longtail UX’s proprietary platform and our plug-and-play LUX Smart Pages bring new ready-to-buy customers who are looking for your products, but not your brand, to your website.

Get fully-integrated LUX Smart Pages at scale

Longtail UX technology creates LUX Smart Pages on your website, that exactly match your site design, look and feel. We adapt your content to the individual user intent, creating the perfect customer experience for first-time visitors.

Compelling ROI that is measurable and predictable

Other technology vendor talks about ROI, we can prove ours. The LUX Effect is 100% attributable and can be tracked in your own Analytics. We bring our clients an average ROI of 7:1. As a fully-managed service, your Longtail UX dashboard shows you every LUX Smart Page and the exact traffic, revenue and conversion uplift that you’re generating from our platform.

Our team of ROI specialists create a client success plan for you, based on your market opportunity and your products and website content. Our client success team provides you with monthly insights and further growth opportunities.