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eCommerce personalisation powered by proprietary AI

Loop54 AI personalises your site search and category navigation, so each visitor experiences relevant results.

While most personalisation tools require months of data collection, Loop54 uses small sets of data to do the work of thousands of rules. Letting you automatically personalise the user experience, fast.

The benefits of personalisation in eCommerce
Customer experience

Give your visitors the products you know they’ll love.

Loop54 improves the relevancy of results and predicts each visitor’s exact need.

Sales & conversions

Drive conversion rates and increase sales. Turn regular browsers into loyal customers.

Instantly give customers exactly what they’re looking for, so they’ll return and purchase time and time again.

Operational efficiency

Gain insights from minimal data. Eliminate manual merchandising tasks.

Loop54 works smartly, using any amount of data to do all the work for you.

Enterprise-level personalisation

Get the same personalisation capability as global giants – no matter your scale.

Our AI excels so that your business can too, giving you a competitive advantage.