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Reach every customer, anywhere

Address verification powered by the most accurate global location data. Deliver exceptional experiences to every customer, wherever they are located.

Address Capture

The easiest way for a person to enter a location through single-line address capture on any device or platform. Faster, accurate completion of digital journeys with type-ahead, predictive technology.

Address Verification

The most effective way to update and enhance address data, enabling you to achieve the highest levels of quality and accuracy.

See what Loqate can do for you
Reach a global audience

A wide breadth of data, spanning across 245 countries and territories. Couple this with a user interface that provides a local experience; reaching a global customer base has never been easier.

Reduce failed deliveries

Verifying addresses up-front can save businesses millions of dollars in failed delivery and chargeback costs. Loqate customers have reduced failed delivery rates by up to 70%.

Exceptional customer experiences

Our Address Capture tool will autopopulate any address fields in five keystrokes or less, reducing data entry time by 78% and errors by 20%. Our Address Verification engine will parse, match, format, transliterate and enhance address databases.

Improve conversion rates

Capture and verify customer address data easily and accurately. Improve conversion and completion rates with the most accurate global data available.