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LoyaltyPlant in a Nutshell

We offer an app-based mobile ordering, loyalty, CRM and marketing platform that delivers game-changing business results to restaurants worldwide

Branded Mobile App

Promote your brand with an app your customers will love to use (20-45% sales penetration)

Loyalty Program

Focus on true emotional customer engagement instead of transactional discounts

Mobile Ordering

Create habit-forming “Uber-like” experiences that promote repeat orders

CRM & Analytics

Understand your customers’ buying habits, patterns, and preferences, while gathering actionable insights to build more personalized brand experiences

Push Marketing Campaigns

Launch targeted campaigns to customer cross-sections; measure conversion rates and understand results with detailed data visualizations

Expert Guidance

Partner with a customer success manager dedicated to providing expert advice for maximizing the use of the platform and ROI of your loyalty program

Learn how LoyaltyPlant helps restaurant innovators use mobile technology to create customer experiences that drive true loyalty