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Take action on your customer data with Cloud Connect
Leverage SQL to build better audience segments from your data warehouse for activation in your favorite MarTech tools.

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Product features

Powering industry-leading results.
Increase email open rates
Optimize your advertising spend
Improve your conversion rates

For data teams

Use first-party data to understand your customer with unified 360 profiles
Use Lytics to connect data sources across different channels and create a unified customer profile that you can easily market to in your campaigns.

Create rich segments without moving your data
Lytics Cloud Connect™ helps marketers and IT teams work together to query their data warehouse with SQL and build rich audience segments without moving or duplicating data. Start getting your warehouse data into your marketing platforms within hours.

Unlock the business value of your data

Deliver personalized experiences to your customers
Lytics Decision Engine transcends a customer 360 view with data-driven insights from content recommendations and audience segments to execute optimized campaigns.

Power your marketing with personalization

The right data + the right data science = faster results

40% Return on ad spend
Acquisition: Improve quality of ad targeting with ideal customer segment

30% Engagement
Conversion: Improve conversions with personalized CTAs

20% Conversion
Winback: Improve winback campaigns with personalized offers & messages

20% Upsell conversion
Engagement: Improve engagement with content recommendations & personalized experiences

15% Retention
Upsell/Cross-sell: Improve upsell/cross-sell with personalized offers

10% LTV
Coordination: Improve CLV with coordinated orchestration across channels & lifecycle