Simple Email Marketing Platform
We simplify email marketing for you to start and scale up as you grow – with an the intuitive platform, transparent pricing, actionable insights, and more.

Tools to help you filter out the right audience
With the evolution of spam filters, it just becoming harder to crack the doors of the inbox. Hitting a few unknowns or spam traps are good enough to get you listed on global email blocklists. We offer simple tools to help you validating and reaching the most active email addresses on your audience list.

Simple Design Tools to drive more conversations
The real happiness is not when you send, but is in when someone replies or engages. Keeping this to the core, we built simple design editors to pre-analyse your emails and share guidance for improving engagement on your emails. With our one click spam and content analyser, you will know what changes are required to make the email more conversational.

AI Powered Infrastructure to Boost Your Email Deliverability
Every change in the algorithm at ISPs end, may have an impact on your email deliverability. It’s not only important to understand these changes, but also to learn on improvements required in your email programs keep getting better ROIs. Keeping this at the core, we built i-MTA which keeps itself updated with the recent changes to global anti-spam and deliverability policies to enable smarter delivery for your email campaigns.